I am passionate about helping clients to reach their potential.


A while ago, I wanted some clarity about my direction in life and career, so I sought out a coach. The coaching was invaluable in helping me identify what was important to me, my values, my skills, the goals I wanted to set, and what actions I could take to achieve them.

...Which has led me to becoming a coach!


What I offer

I recently studied Business and Personal Coaching and apply evidence-based techniques to help people identify and achieve their goals in areas such as: career and life goals, confidence, motivation, improved communication, work/life balance, etc.

I take an holistic approach to understanding broader issues and then support clients to awaken their potential, and through awareness, feel inspired and empowered to act toward their goals.


A little bit more about me

I have been described as insightful, innovative, friendly and compassionate. And I enjoy a laugh.

My educational background is in science and education. But after completing studies, I decided I didn't want to pursue either of those careers straight away. Instead, I worked in various corporate organisations, gaining experience on the job, and had many opportunities for further learning along the way.

I have extensive experience in administrative support, customer service, communications, and event planning. My experience has been in various organisations (including in government; education; private; not-for-profit), giving me a breadth of understanding of different sectors.

I am enthusiastic about goal setting, effective communication and ongoing professional development to enable people to find what they are passionate about and to help reach their potential.


...A little Something else

Some of my favourite things to do include being in the great outdoors and walking my dog, Alfie. 

If you are committed to making a change, achieving a goal, exploring a value or a self-limiting belief, increasing your confidence or increasing your motivation and would like to discuss whether coaching could be the right option for you, then contact me and I'll be happy to answer any further questions you might have.